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Completed in 2019, this contemporary urban garden is located in central Harrogate.

Our clients had own the house for over 15 years, but with children growing up their needs have changed and decided to undertake a major refurbishment to modernize the house and the garden for entertaining purposes.

The main area is 10 x 6 square meters, its a north oriented garden surrounded by brick walls, It is enclosed and dark with a very big oak tree that obstruct all the sun light.

In their brief they wanted a BBQ area, gas fire place and needed storage.

On this garden design we created a strong architectural bone structure, with light grey stone and pale gravel.

The planting softens the new paved area surrounding the neighbours houses with pleached Carpinus Betulus trees to provide privacy and shade planting for the beds with Hosta's, Ferns, Gallium and Buxus. to provide different textures against the contemporary bespoke fence painted in a dark grey colour to enchase the planting.

We installed some spotlights around the borders for the garden to be enjoyed during the evenings.


Ivy Banks Before
Ivy Banks Before 2
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