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Completed in 2020, this garden is located near the stray in Harrogate, its a front garden of an Edwardian house facing south.

The Brief  was to have a terrace to enjoy the morning sun, an area for a shed an bins in a way they couldn't look at them from their kitchen window, which is the room where they spent most of their time.

to preserve  some lawn for their pooch and ideally some borders to look at from their main window with all year interest.


We created a good size and balanced garden by levelling it up, the hedges were preserved and we surrounded them by borders that will be filled with colourful perennials, espaliers, bulbs and pleached trees bringing the garden a life during the spring and summer.

At the end a space we designed a bespoke shed for storage and bins that are screened by a contemporary fence and  pleached trees with a  border to create a scene of cocooning and privacy.

We used a herringbone stone pattern to match the style of the building preserving its traditional look with fitted spot lights.

Wishing the happy customer many memorable moments in their in new garden.

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