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Completed in 2023

The Harrogate garden is situated in the Duchy Estate, its a beautiful traditional stone house with a front garden south oriented and a north- west oriented garden at the back.

We wanted to create a space that could be enjoyed with family and friends.

As you can see, they had a very big decking platform with a fence that was taking a big chunk of the garden that looked very unattractive.

We started this project beginning of September and was completed in 2 months, we where lucky with the weather so we manage to include some mature planting on it.

I wanted the planting to have a good evergreen structure and all year rounded interest, the property has neighbours on both sides and at the rear, so privacy was really important for our clients, to achieve this we installed a cedar slate fence and some hornbeam pleached trees.

The seating areas obviously need to look good all year round so the borders near them have some evergreen grasses and structural plants but the summer palette of perennials brings softness linking all the areas together.

Our clients are keen vegetable growers and they wanted a space for this, so we created an area with vegetable raise beds, installed a lean in green house and planted some fruit espalier trees.

The second face that we just completed yesterday was topping up some borders with more perennials that will bloom this summer.

A garden of wall to wall lawn has been transformed into a much bigger space with defined sitting areas, vegetable garden with a lean to bespoke cedar green house defining boundaries with a cedar bespoke panel fence an pleached trees to provide privacy, metal arches with climbers to add dimension feel.


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