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Pinefold Green garden designed by Christiane Gul

Pinefold Green is garden located in  village of Straveley in Knaresborough.

We re-designed all the front and back borders of the garden with a green and white planting scheme that our client requested.

To create a garden planting plan we take the measurements of your borders and provides a planting scheme based on the style of garden you like or planting theme. 

We include:

  • Planting plan based on the theme of garden planting you require eg- Mediterranean, cottage garden, Japanese style etc.

  • Side aspect Drawing of your planted area with planting scheme.

  • Planting Plan list of plants and quantities.

  • Planting Schedule which includes the months of flower, pruning times and maintenance.

  • An electronic copy of the above documents.

 PINEFOLD GREEN before redesign by Christiane Gul landscape & garden design
Planting plan by Christiane Gul garden design
Planting plan by Christiane Gul garden design
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